5 of the Many Lessons Learned from My Dad

Dad and 4mo-Old Abel

The Lessons

In Everything, Pray

If I got up early enough I would typically see my dad at the kitchen table reading his Bible. He hadn’t put his contacts in yet, so he was wearing his large, thick glasses. As a kid I’d put them on and think I had the ability to count craters on the moon. Yet my Dad still needed to hold his Bible three inches from his face as he read when he wore them.

Work Smart/Hard

My childhood home was on roughly 2 acres. I was driving a riding lawn mower on a regular basis before age 10. Doing yard work and taking care of goats and chickens instilled a decent work ethic in me at a young age.

Extreme Responsibility

I was nearly two when my dad met and married my mom. He didn’t simply help raise me, but chose to adopt me as his own. I wasn’t just his wife’s kid, I was his, and I was a Hillis.

There is Always Time

Most of my life my dad was the sales manager for a small company that sold seals and gaskets to pulp and paper mills. He oversaw the west office while the owner was in the east.

Big Changes in Life Won’t Kill You

Again, most my life my dad was a sales manager. But at various points in his life he was also a music teacher, a bus driver, owned a business, built houses, sold cars, and more.

More Caught Than Taught

It’s a spectacular thing to look back and see the ways a dad shapes his son. There’s more power in the way a life is lived than conversations had.

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