I help family men connect and commit so your wife won’t leave you and your kids don’t hate you. https://sleekbio.com/adam
Me at my son’s kindergarten party

Welcome to my profile page! My name is Adam Hillis.

I write to encourage, inspire, and equip family men so their wives don’t leave them and their kids won’t hate them.

Why I Write What I Write

My wife and I had a rough beginning to our marriage. I imagine similar to most people.

As the…

Author Created Meme

“Before fixing what you’re looking at, check what you’re looking through.” —Mark Nepo

The way your family, in-laws, and friends see your life, marriage, and parenting is much like a reality show.

They are only around you a bit, so that’s all they get to see—a bit.

You share stories…

Adam Hillis

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