How to Combat Crisis With Community

Me & My Bros at Youngest’s Graduation

Community’s Purpose

Community is meant to encourage and strengthen. It’s meant to correct us when we fail, protect us from ourselves and others, and give us the resources to become a better person — a better part of the community. The existence of community means we can go through things together. We are a people with “common unity” doing life.

Community’s Result

Though we hadn’t really talked on “that level” in our friendship, I reached out to a friend and simply said, “Hey man, I need a ‘bro’ in my life right now. Do you have time to chat?”

Community Helps Each Other

Knowing the many times various members in my community have helped me throughout almost a decade of marriage, I was honored to be called upon to help others the last few weeks.

Want a New Perspective?

I’ve created a measuring guide to alter how you view your marriage and your spouse. Ask yourself these questions, your mindset will shift quickly.

I encourage, inspire, and equip family men so your wife won’t leave you and your kids don’t hate you.

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