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I’m glad I read on. :-)

Thank you for your vulnerability. I always appreciate it when I find it here on Medium.

First, in response to your journal, God wants to hear from you regardless of what state you’re in. :-)

Second, a tiny bit of my story.

I have dealt with some depression as well in my life. Additionally, my mom has been on meds my whole life and tried just about everything. As a teenager I talked her out of suicide multiple times.

Several years ago she did some research and decided to go gluten free, then grain free (no wheat, corn, rice, etc.), now she’s essentially Paleo with the addition of cheese and yogurt.

It has been a literal miracle. For the first time in 25 years she’s very slowly stepping down dosages of some of her meds.

Seeing her success I have now been gluten free for 5 years. Not only have I found myself less depressed, but my chronic back pain has been cut by probably 95%.

While I don’t believe this is a magic bullet to end all depression in the world, I’ve been amazed at what a different diet can do.

Through experimenting on myself and various reading research I keep being astonished by discovering what food does not just for our physical health, but mental health as well.

As you continue your journey, maybe this could be added to your arsenal for the battle.

Thanks again for posting this and sharing some of your story.

God bless!



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