Adam Hillis
1 min readFeb 12, 2023


Short answer: absolutely loved it

Longer answer:
For me, it got me back in the rhythm of writing daily. Even if it's just something short. The habit has been built up.

I needed that.

The course and materials were A+. I've taken a lot of courses and spent thousands over the years. As far as that is concerned, they're top-notch. Maybe best I've ever experienced.

Community aspect is strong.
Support is awesome.
Teaching materials great. Includes 2 calls every week and then text material.

The way they gamified it is phenomenal. I don't think anyone who has tried to add a game aspect to their cohort-based course has done it as well as Ship30.

My one critique is their automatic pairing if you're looking to connect. It's just that -- automatic. So it's random.
Met some cool people. Chatted a bit. Read their stuff, they read mine. But ultimately we weren't really interested in each other's topics. So it fizzled out. Totally understandable.

They had other ways to connect based on topics, but I didn't dig in too much. I had enough with writing daily and doing the course. Then my family and full-time job as well.

I think I've gained some clarity in what I want to write too. Not exact yet. But definitely closer.

I would recommend Ship30 to anyone who wants...
... to build a writing habit
... to find clarity in their writing niche
... help with idea generation
... a community of other writers to write with



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