The Single Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned Working In Marketing

Adam Hillis
1 min readJan 19, 2023

Your email open rate doesn’t matter.

I know you worked really hard on the subject line. You probably came up with 10 or 20 versions and picked the best one before sending. All in the hopes of increasing your open rate.

But whatever percentage of opens you got is a lie.

Your email open rate doesn’t matter.

And here’s why:

Most people read your email on their phone. Who knows what kind of app they’re using. And who knows what it is doing to your tracking.

I have multiple email addresses and use 3 different apps.

One of them ( blocks ALL tracking.

The others it depends on the content and which folder it lands in. So whatever marketer is looking at stats on the other side isn’t getting an accurate picture. It’s all a big lie.

You know what metrics you should care about?

Your click-through rate and your sales matter.

Let me ask you this…

If you saw your open rates go down, but more people were clicking on your call-to-action, and your sales were going up, would you be upset? Would you care about your shrinking open rate?

Probably not.

Because you’re putting money in your pocket.

Our ever-evolving technology makes it unclear if anyone is opening our emails. So we can’t rely on the data we’re looking at for opens. But we can rely on what our bank account says.

Get sales, not opens.

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